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Amazon_coverFaith Formation 4.0: Introducing an Ecology of Faith in a Digital Age looks at how Christian efforts to be storykeepers, story-sharers, and story-makers have evolved and integrated new media over four eras of human communications:

  • 1.0     Jesus tells stories – oral traditions
  • 2.0     Paul writes letters to build and guide the church; iconographers write images to inspire God’s people –  written era
  • 3.0     Reformers call for change and seek to put Bibles in every home and Televangelists use radio and television to
    spread the Good News – the print and electronic mass media age
  • 4.0     Digital evangelists integrate digital media and social networking  – the digital age

Successful efforts to invite and welcome new members (evangelization) as well as share Christian wisdom and practices (faith formation) depends not only on knowing the Christian message of God’s enduring love, but also how to use today’s tools appropriately.  This book weaves theological, educational, and social media wisdom to guide faithful people and church leaders in their 21st century contexts. Each chapter includes Scriptural references, illustrative stories, and questions for further information.

Table of Contents


  1. Commissioned as Disciples
    Crazy Christians
    The Great Commission
    Story-Keeping, Story-Sharing, Story-Making
    Further Reflection
  2.  Conversion and Discipleship
    A Circle of Conversion
    A Cycle of Discipleship
    Participating in a Cycle of Discipleship
    Further Reflection
  3.  Faith Formation and Human Communication
    20th Century Christian Education Formation
    Four Eras of Human Communication
    Further Reflection
  4.  Faith Formation 1.0 – 4.0
    1.0 Oral Communication
    2.0 Written Communication
    3.0 Mass-Mediated Communication
    4.0 Interactive Media
    Further Reflection
  5.  Contexts Matter
    Ecological Understanding
    Seeking Equilibrium
    Balance Belief and Practice
    Further Reflection
  6.  An Ecology of Faith
    The Ecology is Broken
    The Ecology of Faith
    The Significance of the Ecology
    Further Reflection
  7.  Message, Method, then Media
    Developing a Plan
    Implementation and Evaluation
    Further Reflection
  8.  Following the Way in the Digital Age
    Called to Be Like Philip
    Resource Sharing
    Distributed Leadership
    Reaching the Dream
    Further Reflection
  9.  Glossary

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