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Media Ecology meets Cultural Anthropology

MichaelWeschIn February 2007, Michael Wesch and his students at the Kansas State University posted “Web 2.0 – The Machine is Us/ing Us” on YouTube.  Despite being launched on Superbowl Sunday in the United States, it took the world by storm – literally going viral and being seen by over 5 million people. It introduces web 2.0 to digital immigrants and chronicles some of the impact of the digital age on digital natives. Wesch details the history of early efforts  in his presentation, “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” at the Library of Congress July 26, 2008. Each spring since, students have studied the growing use of digital media and social networking. Their projects are collected on the Digital Ethnography channel and Michael Wesch’s Digital Ethnography Blog.

Michael Wesch

Web 2.0 – The Machine is Us/ing Us (Feb 2007)(4:33)

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube (July 28, 2008 Presentation at the Library of Congress)(55:34)

A Vision of Students Today (Oct 12, 2007)(4:45)