Telegraph Heralds the Electronic Age

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Samuel Morse and the Telegraph

The death of his wife in New Haven CT while he was in Washington DC was one of the primary motivations for artist-turned-inventor Samuel Morse’s interest in rapid long distance communications. By 1937 he demonstrated an early version of his telegraph and inspired Alfred Vail’s collaboration. The 1944 demonstration of the single wire telegraph which sent the message “What Hath God Wrought” between Washington DC to Baltimore, MD inaugurated the electronic age. These videos introduce Samuel Morse, Alfred Vail, and provide an exploration of other rapid long distance communications innovations of the day. Profile of Samuel Morse

Library of Congress/History Channel’s Discussion of Morse’s Message “What Hath God Wrought”

History Channel’s Illumination of Alfred Vail’s Role

Contextualization from JappaDoyle and Apple Dapple Learning