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Bringing eFormation to Life In Your Setting: Leadership and eFormation

  • Jesus told stories (1.0-Oral),
  • Paul wrote letters (2.0-Written),
  • Reformers used the printing press while televangelists used radio and television
    to bring the Good News into every home 
  • Today, faithful people are integrating digital media and social networking
    into efforts to invite and welcome new members (evangelization) as well as share Christian wisdom and practices (faith formation) (4.0-Interactive).
  • We  are in a NEW CONTEXT and need to use an Ecological approach to see how we, as God’s People, are being called to re-imagine ourselves in a new age.


MEDIA: Bytes enable active, multidirectional sending/receiving of voice, video and data


  • Many-to-many
  • Open, dynamic, participatory
  • Designed to give Immediate and constant access to information and people
  • Customizable/individualized
  • Global/local connectivity


TRUTH from CONTEXT  (Search for authenticity)

SHIFT To Distributed Networks


SHIFT To Distributed Faith Formation

Onsite – at participants’ location

  • may include web and other media enhancements (synchronous)

Offsite – at host’s specified location

  • may include web and other media enhancements (synchronous)

On-line – Internet and Mobile interaction

  • text-based – threaded discussion (asynchronous) as well as chat and instant message (synchronous)
  • animations and videos – asynchronous
  • virtual worlds – ie avatar  in SecondLife – synchronous
  • web conference – synchronous

Hybrid On/Off site and Online

  • Blended – immersion @ location w/online interaction before, after, or both before and after immersion (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Simulcast  – in class and online (synchronous and asynchronous)

SHIFT To Distributed Leadership

Distributed Leadership comes from the concept of distributed resources and recognizes that each member of the community has gifts to contribute.

Distributed Leadership is a participatory reflection-action-reflection model
that  enables lay & ordained community members to be in different, non-centralized locations – independent of time and place – to discern God’s Call, embrace God’s Dream, identify personal and communal gifts and resources, imagine a corporate response, create a plan, organize people and resources, enact the vision, review the results, and adjust to new realities.

SHIFTING from THE SAGE on the STAGE (Hierarchical/Centralized) to THE GUIDE on the SIDE (Participatory/Distributed)

Circle of Conversion/Cycle of Discipleship
 PerferatedCircle_CircleOfConversion_BW  CircleOfConversion

Distributed Leadership

Leadership is accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.”   – Marshall Gantz

By baptism, every member of the faith community is called to leadership.

  • We are each members of the Body of Christ
  • Being part of a faith community is different from a voluntary association;
  • Baptismal Covenant asks each to make decisions that enact the Dream of God.
  • In the ideal, every member is recognized for their unique gifts and resources and each member offers them to the common good.

 Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) identifies three Key Elements:

  • Leadership is a Decision, not a position
  • Focus is building the capacity of others
  • Foundation is Shared Values and Interests 

LDI’s Theory of Change recognizes

  • People – Organize around a common purpose and shared values
  • Power – Strategically gather/collect the resources & gifts that exist within our own community
  • Change – Strategically act to address challenge through collective action

The question is not “what is the issue” but “who are my people?”

 Three Common Leadership Models and a Recommendation
 Leadership__WillDoItAll “I’ll take care of it.”said by the over-functioning church volunteer
 Leadership__HailCeasar “Hail Caesar!”
or “Its up to the Rector”
 Leadership__NooneDoes Who’s in charge here?”said by everyone and answered by no one
 Leadership__Snowflake Snowflake Model:
Gather based on common purpose & shared values
Demonstrates how we can accomplish more together than alone…